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Roundtable: AI could be an ‘absolute game changer’ for local government

On the 13th of February 2024, the first of two roundtables in partnership with Hitachi Solutions Europe took place. The roundtable explored the importance of AI in Local Government and participants highlighted how councils are designing governance solutions to address ethical questions raised by the fast evolving technology.


Microsoft Fabric: The Future of Analytics 

Fabric is a word that has been used for centuries, but only more recently has its impact been more profound in the technology sector. Microsoft Fabric is a recent phenomenon, evolving from a combination of Power BI, Azure Synapse and Azure Data Factory. As the natural successor to these individual…


Hitachi Solutions Approach to Automation Testing

In the dynamic landscape of software development, where innovation is paramount, Hitachi Solutions Europe is pioneering a transformative approach to automation testing (AT). As technology evolves, the need for efficient, reliable, and adaptable testing processes becomes increasingly crucial. At Hitachi Solutions Europe, we recognise the significance of this shift and have…

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Hitachi Solutions partners with Warwickshire County Council to improve resident’s experience online

Hitachi Solutions has announced it will be co-developing a new contact centre with Warwickshire County Council (WCC) to bring 11 of its key services, including highways and customer feedback, onto a single platform as part of the Council’s digital transformation journey.

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Power Platform Envisioning Day

6 August, 2027

110 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY

Join Retail experts from Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft to understand how Low-Code can deliver rapid value to your organisation. Leave with more than just knowledge; our Envisioning Day will help you build a rapid prototype based on identified and prioritised use cases for your organisation.


AI Prototype Brochure

The Hitachi Solutions AI Prototype is an engagement to help customers validate whether AI can help solve a business problem or challenge, using Microsoft's AI technology offering.


Non Functional Testing

Non-functional testing (NFT) refers to the evaluation of a system's characteristics that aren't related to specific behaviours or functions. While functional testing assesses what the system does, non-functional testing focuses on how well it performs those functions. It encompasses various aspects such as. 


Hitachi Solutions’ approach to Regression Testing

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, the need for reliable and efficient testing methodologies has never been more critical. Enter Hitachi Solutions' cutting-edge approach to Regression Testing, a systematic process designed to create a repeatable set of tests, ensuring that software solutions remain resilient in the face of changes

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Hitachi Solutions and the British Heart Foundation to collaborate on lifesaving defibrillator network

Hitachi Solutions has partnered with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to technologically enhance and improve The Circuit, BHF’s pioneering UK defibrillator network.

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Plastic Energy PLC

Plastic Energy PLC is a global leader in plastic recycling and has partnered with Hitachi Solutions to develop its internal Finance systems using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.


Transforming Regulation

On Wednesday, 29th November, I was privileged to be one of the hosts for 'Transforming Regulation', an event run by Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft at the Microsoft London HQ in Paddington. The event was attended by over 25 senior government stakeholders from 13 different organisations, covering many different manners of regulation,…


How to drive change using modern technology in the local government space

Sharna Quirke, features in Tech UK's Taking 5 this month discussing how to help drive change in the local government industry.