The era of AI is now

Microsoft has been at the forefront of cutting-edge research into AI and integrating powerful, innovative AI technologies into their products and services, to help their customers do more. As a Microsoft-only business transformation partner, our experts are pivotal to this AI platform shift with Microsoft.

From Azure Cognitive Services to Machine Learning and Co-Pilots; the opportunities are both exciting and endless. We are dedicated to building the future faster and delivering better customer outcomes responsibly through the limitless possibilities of AI.

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Organisations that use AI are expected to grow its customer satisfaction in 2023

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Expected value of the global AI market by 2027, an increase from $86.9 billion in 2022

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Of organisations have reported costs savings and efficiencies as a result of AI implementation

How can AI transform your organisation?

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Reduce time spent on mundane tasks

Automated workflows, predictive analytics, and intelligent automation can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up employees to focus on higher value-generating activities.

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Transform customer experience

Chatbots, virtual assistants, and customer service agents enable businesses to provide round-the-clock customer support, deliver personalised experience, and resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

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Optimise your supply chain

AI is helping organisations stay on top of trends that affect supply and demand, contributing towards optimising your resource allocation.

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Save time and costs

According to a recent survey by McKinsey, AI can optimise efficiency by 40% and reduce operational costs by up to 30%.

Our AI experts

Get to know just a few of our experts working with our AI Solutions.

Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy

AI Capability Lead

Jack specialises in delivering AI-powered solutions to customers across the private and public sectors. Based in Manchester, he has over ten years of experience working in a variety of industries across Europe to solve complex and challenging business problems with AI.

Robert Worsley

Robert Worsley

Director, Data & Analytics

Rob Worsley is an experienced leader in the field of data and analytics, as well as an expert in data science. He is passionate about the idea of helping his customers become “data-driven” companies by accelerating the scale of high value-added solutions.

Oliver Höllriegl

Oliver Höllriegl

Head of Data and Analytics

Oliver’s heart beats for digital data solutions and he is responsible for the topic of data and analytics at Hitachi Solutions. His team and he accompany our customers in unlocking the full potential of their data – whether by creating a sustainable, valid infrastructure as a single source of truth or by developing predictive models that provide insights and impulses for data-driven decisions. Oliver has been working in the field of data analytics for more than 15 years and has supported companies to fully exploit the added value of their data. He was able to contribute his knowledge in numerous analytical and strategic consulting projects in a wide variety of industries – from automotive to B2B and FMCG to retail.