What is the AI Prototype?

The AI Prototype offers a hands-on experience with Microsoft AI technology solutions by creating practical simulations. This involves building a prototype that showcases the capabilities of Microsoft AI services, for a specific use case for your organisation, allowing customers to measure the return on investment.

The process includes providing insights into the risks and considerations associated with deploying the use case in a production environment. Our team of experts will provide ongoing support to ensure that the prototype aligns with end-user needs and business objectives. 

AI Prototype Objectives:

  • Provide you with a practical simulation of Microsoft AI technology solutions to measure the return on investment for a given use case.
  • Build a prototype asset which can span one or more Microsoft AI technology services to demonstrate technological capability.
  • Help customers mitigate the risks when deploying a use case to production within their environment.
  • Understand whether the prototype meets the needs of the end user as well as the business drivers.

Prototype Phases:


Our experts will work with you to gain insight into the use case scope by conducting stakeholder interviews, workshops, and technical readiness sessions. Optionally, conduct a design sprint to refine and enhance the use case.


The process involves an iterative build of the prototype asset, with teams engaging in regular sync-ups, discussions, and feedback sessions. The goal is to collaboratively enhance the prototype, ensuring it is ready for the upcoming pilot phase.


This phase involves assisting the customer in adopting and planning for the pilot. The team presents findings that include production considerations and risks. Active support is provided during the pilot of the use case, employing both quantitative and qualitative research to identify and address user needs.

Our AI experts

Get to know just a few of our experts working with our AI Solutions.

Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy

AI Capability Lead

Jack specialises in delivering AI-powered solutions to customers across the private and public sectors. Based in Manchester, he has over ten years of experience working in a variety of industries across Europe to solve complex and challenging business problems with AI.

Oliver Höllriegl

Oliver Höllriegl

Head of Data and Analytics

Oliver’s heart beats for digital data solutions and he is responsible for the topic of data and analytics at Hitachi Solutions. His team and he accompany our customers in unlocking the full potential of their data – whether by creating a sustainable, valid infrastructure as a single source of truth or by developing predictive models that provide insights and impulses for data-driven decisions. Oliver has been working in the field of data analytics for more than 15 years and has supported companies to fully exploit the added value of their data. He was able to contribute his knowledge in numerous analytical and strategic consulting projects in a wide variety of industries – from automotive to B2B and FMCG to retail.

Robert Worsley

Robert Worsley

Director, Data & Analytics

Rob Worsley is an experienced leader in the field of data and analytics, as well as an expert in data science. He is passionate about the idea of helping his customers become “data-driven” companies by accelerating the scale of high value-added solutions.