Our Values

A common thread running throughout all of Hitachi, our values have been the guiding principles behind all that we do for over a century. They are values shared by everyone and put into practice every day.

Man and woman working together

Harmony (Wa)

Stressing interdependence over personal interests, the concept of harmony is at the heart of Japanese culture, informing all interactions, whether social or business.

For us, this translates into a belief that only by showing respect, are you able to earn respect. And that extends to everyone we work with, not only our customers, but our colleagues and suppliers too.

two colleagues shaking hands

Sincerity (Makoto We)

We always strive to act with sincerity, and integrity. After all, our reputation depends to a great extent on how we are perceived to do business, which is without any degree of pretence, deceit, or hypocrisy.

Sincerity for us means ensuring fairness in all our endeavours, while putting the needs of our employees and customers very much at the centre of all we do.

woman smiling in workplace setting

Pioneering Spirit (Kaitakusha – Seishin)

Driving innovation and seeking new challenges is what we’re all about. It has been right from the start. And it’s our ambition that sees us bring new technologies to life for the benefit of society and companies alike.

Our pioneering spirit also means we are fearlessly flexible when it comes to adapting to the changing needs of our employees and customers.

Creating a great place to work

Building and maintaining a culture based on these values is at the centre of our organisation. Having been recognised as a Great Place to Work® certified company, this demonstrates the high percentage of individuals voting for Hitachi Solutions being a safe, inclusive, and fair place to work, placing 27% above typical companies in the UK.

What do our values mean for our customers?

A better way of doing things

Finding new and innovative ways to build better businesses is in the Hitachi DNA.

Better collaboration

Working closely in harmony with you to achieve all your goals is important to us.

The best experience

We will always work hard for you, in a way which makes the whole process enjoyable.

Your best partner

The most productive and lasting relationships are built on fairness and sincerity.

No other approach
comes close

Proven processes, leading-edge Microsoft technology and highly experienced experts with in-depth knowledge all combine to create our unique approach to meeting even the most complex of organisational challenges.