With expert teams utilising the latest learning technology, we can deliver clear analytical insights meaning you can extract the maximum value from your data, whether it’s held in the cloud or on-premise.

Bring it all together

In most organisations, data is spread across many different systems. Managing data distributed in this way, and deriving useful intelligence from it, is a sizeable challenge, especially with increasing volumes of data now provided by the Internet of Things and mobile applications.

Combining a rare mix of business and technical expertise, our highly experienced teams can help you bring all your data together to create a single ‘point of truth’. One which can fully support advanced analytics use cases,  including machine learning and AI.


Control and track your data

Managing disparate data has never been just a technical challenge. It requires a blend of people, processes and domain expertise.

Our in-depth experience of working with all kinds of data gives us a real understanding of how it is used, and what must be done to secure, govern and manage it effectively. And, from source to dashboard, we can help you accurately track your data, providing insight on quality and usage along its journey to help build a foundation for organisation-wide data initiatives.

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Data to make all your decisions easier

With proven expertise in business intelligence and data warehousing, we can fully align your data with the organisational challenges you face, creating one cloud-based source of precise information.

Along with our experience of business applications, it’s our strong partnership with Microsoft that makes us an ideal choice to support any data and digital transformation project. Using technologies such as Microsoft’s  Power BI, we are able to build reporting tools providing insight into operational ‘business as usual’, alongside the analytics needed to inform strategic decision making.

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Scalable solutions no matter what the size

To gain competitive advantage, advanced analytics are an essential element in unlocking any hard-to-reach value. You can do exactly this with our data and AI solutions, which can be embedded in business processes to inform and augment human decision-making.

By implementing our machine learning solutions, using cloud-based technology like Azure Data Bricks and Synapse Analytics, you will also be able to scale insights on massive volumes of data, putting this intelligence in the hands of both end users and data scientists.

Our Analytics experts

Get to know just a few of our experts working with our Analytics & AI Solutions.

Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott

Vice President, Cloud Solutions

Jonathan specialises in data strategy and designing intelligent solutions in the cloud. With over 20 years working with analytics in consulting and financial services, he is passionate about helping companies deliver value from their data.

Andrew Sadler

Andrew Sadler

Senior Director

Andrew has 25 years’ worth of experience working within the data and analytics space across various technologies and industries. He is passionate about the effective use of data and analytics to drive a genuine and real change for good in the world for citizens of councils or governments and customers of companies or organisations alike.

Priscilla Tse

Priscilla Tse

Senior Architect

Priscilla brings a wealth of expertise, covering Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement & Field Service, Power Platform and User Centric Design. On large enterprise programmes, Priscilla leads enterprise delivery teams that are multidisciplinary in nature to provide clients with holistic solutions that can scale and grow with their organisation.

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“We’ve allowed the decision makers in our business to make good decisions using data. We’re now able to look at much more refined levels of membership and make much more precise and detailed decisions as a result.”

Patrick Burrows, Chief Financial Officer, David Lloyd Clubs.