User-Centred Design

By putting user requirements at the centre of everything we do, we’re able to develop products and services delivering an effective, consistent and seamless experience across all channels.

What is
User-Centred Design?

User-Centred design is a collaborative process based on a deep understanding of the user, the tasks they perform and the environment in which they do this.

Our experts begin this process with research, conducted with diverse and inclusive user groups. Feedback is incorporated into the design of products and services, and usability testing conducted to ensure they align with user expectations and needs, while meeting business objectives and delivering value for money.

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Boost productivity by design

Products that are designed with users in mind tend to perform better than those that aren’t.

User-centred design helps us to develop applications and services that are useful, usable and desirable. When internal or external users are happy with an application, it boosts their productivity. They are also more likely to actively use it and recommend it to others.

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Save time and money

Delivering a digital business application or service is not a cheap or quick process, and many of them do not meet expectations. And making changes when your application is live can be expensive.

When you understand the needs and test regularly with users, you can avoid building something that no one wants. This reduces risk and, in the long run, saves both time and money.

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Innovate with data and insights

User-centred design methodologies help us to devise applications and services that are based on real data about how users interact with them. As a result, your systems will be more effective and more efficient, giving you a definite competitive advantage.

Learning about users via our in-depth research can also help you to gain key insights that allow your organisation to grow through the implementation of innovative solutions.

Our User-Centred Design experts

Get to know just a few of our experts working with our User-Centred Design solutions.

Carl Gallagher

Carl Gallagher

Design Thinking Director

Carl is an experienced IT professional with over 14 years of experience in service and process transformation using Microsoft technology. He can often be found with a backpack full of sticky-notes and pens, ready to help customer stakeholder groups define their problems and identify creative solutions. 

Michal Ozorowski

Michal Ozorowski

User-Centred Design Director

Award-winning UX, product and service design leader with 20 years of experience delivering functional and innovative products in both the public and private sectors. Michal builds diverse and inclusive teams who create products and services that meet business objectives and user needs.

Geraldine Kelsey

Geraldine Kelsey

Design Thinking Director

Geraldine excels at getting to the root cause of problems, and understanding the key business metrics, processes, and cultures to bring about positive change in organisations. She is an expert in her field having spent many years in manufacturing where she has led major global business transformation programmes.

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“It’s been great working with my colleagues in Hitachi Solutions. We’ve had a great relationship and there’s a lot of pride in the solution we’ve built that’s a first in the housing association world.”

Linda Howard, Head of Process Design, Clarion Housing Group.