Whatever kind of transformation your organisation is planning, our Catalyst approach will help you define and develop your vision, give you an understanding of how Microsoft technologies can enable this vision, and plan for success.

What is

Revolutionising your transformation, Catalyst sets out a clear vision closely aligned to your organisational objectives. This is done using human-centred design and design thinking techniques, along with the rich capabilities of Microsoft technologies.

The ultimate aim of Catalyst is to create innovative, actionable plans and clear understanding of the journey to transformation. Catalyst engagements bring together customer stakeholders, subject matter experts and our design thinking facilitators in a series of collaborative activities. These include business value assessments and immersive workshops giving you a better understanding of the challenges experienced by your teams.

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Achieve more with clearer insights

All too often, transformation projects are undertaken with only a limited understanding of the problems to be solved, with little consideration given to those most affected.

Our Catalyst customers, including some of our largest clients, have progressed to a range of implementation projects, from individual process transformation through to full-scale end to end business applications. What they all have in common is that they commenced with a clear understanding of the transformation vision to be achieved and the value to be delivered.

With potential funding available from both Microsoft and Hitachi Solutions, Catalyst engagements can be a cost-efficient way for organisations to understand their needs and their transformation priorities.

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Get off to the best of starts

Although you may recognise the need for transformation, you may not know where to start. We can work with you to define a starting point that will deliver early value and gain buy-in for a wider transformation programme.

Catalyst will help you understand your current state, determine your challenges and prioritise your objectives, working together to create a transformation roadmap balancing vision desirability, technical feasibility and financial viability.

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Discover true value potential

We consistently find that projects which have identified clear quantifiable value potential have the greatest chance of being supported internally and implemented successfully.

A core component of a Catalyst engagement is the business value assessment, where our consultants work with your stakeholders to quantify the value potential of the transformation vision and identify opportunities for cost saving, revenue generation and risk mitigation.

Our Catalyst experts

Get to know just a few of our experts working with our Catalyst solutions.

Carl Gallagher

Carl Gallagher

Director of Pre-Sales

Carl is an experienced IT professional with over 14 years of experience in service and process transformation using Microsoft technology. He can often be found with a backpack full of sticky-notes and pens, ready to help customer stakeholder groups define their problems and identify creative solutions. 

Geraldine Kelsey

Geraldine Kelsey

Design Thinking Director

Geraldine excels at getting to the root cause of problems, and understanding the key business metrics, processes, and cultures to bring about positive change in organisations. She is an expert in her field having spent many years in manufacturing where she has led major global business transformation programmes.

Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor

Director of Change, Adoption and Learning

Lisa is passionate about people and for the last 20 years has been delivering effective people change management solutions for digital transformation programmes across global organisations. She enjoys working with our clients to create tailored solutions that focus on ensuring those impacted by the change are ready, willing, and able to adopt the new ways of working.

Sarah Anwar

Sarah Anwar


Since joining in 2016, Sarah has worked on complex large-scale business transformation programmes implementing Microsoft enterprise solutions. She is experienced in a wide range of industries, having also led a Learning and Development workstream training graduates, enabling them to be placed on projects.  

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“Trust is really important with technology partners. Hitachi Solutions has strong values which are echoed by the teams who genuinely want to help and support.”

Dionne Lowndes, Chief Digital and Technology officer, Southwark Council.