Embarking on your AI journey? The Hitachi Solutions AI Playbook is a strategic engagement designed to support customers in adopting AI within their organisation.

The offering consists of a set of workshops run by the Hitachi Solutions team to educate customers on the capability of AI and plan the relevant steps to deploy AI within their estate. The offering includes envisioning sessions to help customers identify and prioritise AI use cases to be developed. The output of the engagement is a blueprint document with steps required to adopt AI within a customer’s estate, as well as a set of technically refined use cases to be delivered in a future phase or by the customer themselves.

The AI Playbook is segmented into four critical phases to ensure a structured and efficient approach to AI engagement, maximising output and reducing risks. These phases are Envisioning, Educating, Understanding, and Planning.

Our AI Playbook will help you:

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Understand the AI landscape

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Define an AI strategy

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Prioritise considerations for implementation

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Envision use cases


Education about Microsoft AI offerings and their deployment is essential for ensuring that the customer understands what’s possible with AI and how it aligns with their needs. This phase establishes the customer’s expectations, bridges the knowledge gap, and fosters a more informed collaboration in the following stages.


This phase involves delving into the customer’s current environment, challenges, and dependencies for implementing AI. It helps in identifying and documenting potential risks and obstacles, ensuring that the AI implementation plan is realistic and robust. By understanding the current landscape, a more tailored and effective solution can be devised.


This phase is vital for identifying specific business problems or areas for improvement with AI. It helps customers prioritise use cases, laying the groundwork for what the AI solutions need to achieve. Without a clear vision, the subsequent stages could be misaligned with the business’s actual needs, leading to wasted resources and efforts.

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The final phase builds upon the previous stages, presenting the insights gathered during the envisioning and technical refinement sessions. It outlines a clear technical roadmap with key areas for AI adoption, providing a strategic guide to executing AI adoption. Without a well-structured plan, any AI project might face delays, cost overruns, or failure to meet the intended objectives.

By segmenting the process into these phases, the AI Playbook ensures that every aspect of AI implementation is thoroughly considered and executed, from vision to execution. This not only maximises efficiency and output but also helps avoid common pitfalls that could hinder the success of the engagement. It builds a strategic alignment between the business’s needs and the AI solutions, ensuring that the technology serves its intended purpose effectively and efficiently.

The AI Playbook runs over a timeline of 4 weeks, starting with Education & Understanding in Week 1, followed by Envisioning & Planning in Weeks 2-3, and finally Presenting our findings in Week 4.

The AI Playbook is critical for organisations to have a clear understanding of the available technology to align to the relevant use cases, have the applicable governance pillars in place to support an AI strategy, have a clear understanding of cost and ROI for AI use cases, and establish clear patterns for the use of AI within a business for repeatability.

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Our AI experts

Get to know just a few of our experts working with our AI Solutions.

Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy

AI Capability Lead

Jack specialises in delivering AI-powered solutions to customers across the private and public sectors. Based in Manchester, he has over ten years of experience working in a variety of industries across Europe to solve complex and challenging business problems with AI.

Oliver Höllriegl

Oliver Höllriegl

Head of Data and Analytics

Oliver’s heart beats for digital data solutions and he is responsible for the topic of data and analytics at Hitachi Solutions. His team and he accompany our customers in unlocking the full potential of their data – whether by creating a sustainable, valid infrastructure as a single source of truth or by developing predictive models that provide insights and impulses for data-driven decisions. Oliver has been working in the field of data analytics for more than 15 years and has supported companies to fully exploit the added value of their data. He was able to contribute his knowledge in numerous analytical and strategic consulting projects in a wide variety of industries – from automotive to B2B and FMCG to retail.

Robert Worsley

Robert Worsley

Director, Data & Analytics

Rob Worsley is an experienced leader in the field of data and analytics, as well as an expert in data science. He is passionate about the idea of helping his customers become “data-driven” companies by accelerating the scale of high value-added solutions.