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The Customer

Plastic Energy is a global leader in its field, specialising in advanced recycling technologies, specifically focused on converting end-of-life plastic waste into valuable high-grade resources. Plastic Energy’s primary mission is to address the global plastic waste problem by providing innovative and sustainable solutions.

Plastic Energy utilises a patented thermal anaerobic conversion technology known as TAC™, which transforms mixed plastic waste into a valuable feedstock called TACOIL™. TACOIL™ can be used as a raw material in the production of new plastics. This process is a significant step towards a circular economy for plastics, reducing the reliance on fossil resources and diverting plastic waste from landfills and incineration, therefore playing a vital role in promoting a more sustainable future.


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The Challenges

Plastic Energy’s previous operating model and IT systems did not align with their strategic objectives; the processes were more suited to a start-up company rather than a mature operating business model. Plastic Energy had a mix of disparate systems across multiple countries, limiting its ability to scale or maintain a single source of information. Additionally, issues arose from the lack of access to information and insights, hindering efficient data-driven decision-making. This, in turn, led to manual and convoluted processes that required substantial resources and time.

The Solution

Plastic Energy conducted a comprehensive tender process to select the partner best placed to fulfil its requirements. The aim was to establish a unified and standardised set of processes for delivering accurate data in a timely manner, tailored to the future needs of the business.

Hitachi Solutions collaborated closely with Plastic Energy’s team to achieve an accelerated implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance. The Finance platform was successfully deployed within nine months across ten countries, a noteworthy achievement considering the standard twelve to twenty-four-month duration for typical Finance implementations.

This accelerated rollout was made possible by Hitachi Solutions’ unique Essentials for Finance accelerator—a multinational, pre-configured solution designed to maximise productivity, significantly reducing the time and resources required compared to traditional implementations. Hitachi Essentials accelerator also enabled quick data-driven insight and reporting based on Hitachi’s finance dashboard toolkit for Essentials.

Hitachi Solutions’ team of experts supported Plastic Energy through collaboration and integration, with both teams working from a single office. They provided functional and technical excellence on Microsoft technology, assisting Plastic Energy with data migration, testing, and post-implementation support.

Benefits of the solution include:

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Superior Data insight

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Time savings

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Easier access to information

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Real-time information

“As we’ve pushed forward with this project, I’ve been pleased to say it really has been a true partnership with Hitachi Solutions. We have had a very collaborative and integrated working team; most days teams have sat alongside each other in the office.” – Shaun Mercer, Chief Financial Officer.

Hitachi Solutions Account Director, George Efthimiou adds “It’s such a privilege and great to see another successful implementation and ecstatic customer, where we have delivered not just to time and budget but the value as perceived and agreed during the process”.

We selected Hitachi Solutions based on the quality of people we met, the clear structured approach to the ERP implementation, and access to the Hitachi Essentials for Finance package.

Shaun Mercer
Chief Financial Officer

The Future

With a solid core foundation in place, Plastic Energy aims to further extend its implementation across the Microsoft stack, and further deliver on its ultimate objective to obtain timely and comprehensive operational information to facilitate informed decision-making across the organisation.

Having successfully integrated the solution throughout its business, Plastic Energy is now looking to capitalise on the enhanced features provided by Dynamics 365, across Project Operations, Customer Engagement, Supplier Management, Partner Engagement, HR, Production, and Asset Management.

This strategic solution, and the future expansion, will play a pivotal role in readying Plastic Energy for Initial Public Offering (IPO).