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AI Prototype Brochure

The Hitachi Solutions AI Prototype is an engagement to help customers validate whether AI can help solve a business problem or challenge, using Microsoft's AI technology offering.


Non Functional Testing

Non-functional testing (NFT) refers to the evaluation of a system's characteristics that aren't related to specific behaviours or functions. While functional testing assesses what the system does, non-functional testing focuses on how well it performs those functions. It encompasses various aspects such as. 


Hitachi Solutions’ approach to Regression Testing

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, the need for reliable and efficient testing methodologies has never been more critical. Enter Hitachi Solutions' cutting-edge approach to Regression Testing, a systematic process designed to create a repeatable set of tests, ensuring that software solutions remain resilient in the face of changes

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Hitachi Solutions and the British Heart Foundation to collaborate on lifesaving defibrillator network

Hitachi Solutions has partnered with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to technologically enhance and improve The Circuit, BHF’s pioneering UK defibrillator network.

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Plastic Energy

Plastic Energy is a global leader in plastic recycling and has partnered with Hitachi Solutions to develop its internal Finance systems using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.


Transforming Regulation

On Wednesday, 29th November, I was privileged to be one of the hosts for 'Transforming Regulation', an event run by Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft at the Microsoft London HQ in Paddington. The event was attended by over 25 senior government stakeholders from 13 different organisations, covering many different manners of regulation,…


How to drive change using modern technology in the local government space

Sharna Quirke, features in Tech UK's Taking 5 this month discussing how to help drive change in the local government industry.


How to get the public sector ready for artificial intelligence

Governments worldwide are straining to catch up with advances in artificial intelligence (AI) but attempts to do so are only throwing up more questions around security and instructive use cases.


Empowering Warwickshire’s residents: strategies for increasing self-service, platform sustainability and reducing costs

7 March, 2024

Join Warwickshire County Council, Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft to learn how to rapidly improve the quality of resident interactions and authority performance at a time when true innovation is required to make transformative technology projects viable.  


Revolutionising E-Waste sustainability: The Royal Mint’s pioneering partnership with Hitachi Solutions

As it embarks on its ground-breaking Sustainable Precious Metals (SPM) initiative, The Royal Mint recognised the need for a seamlessly integrated ERP system to oversee the entire manufacturing process, from the initial sourcing of e-waste to the delivery of final products to consumers.

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Hitachi Solutions teams with Leapwork to enhance and accelerate Testing for Microsoft customers

Hitachi Solutions, a global systems integrator specialising in Microsoft solutions and technologies, is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership with Leapwork, a leading provider of global AI-powered visual test automation. The alliance combines Hitachi Solutions' deep quality assurance (QA) expertise with Leapwork's innovative test automation platform to empower…


Hitachi Solutions’ volunteering policy in practice

In September, I used my volunteering days to go on a charity deployment with Human Appeal, an International charity, to Lebanon as a volunteer.