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This time last year, I was completing my degree, unsure what my next professional chapter would entail. After several months of building my CV and applying to entry jobs, I figured it was time to take matters into my own hands. This was when I was drawn to the idea of an internship. Whilst hesitant, due to the common perception that interns are tasked with ‘admin work’, I remained hopeful that it would be an opportunity to learn and gain crucial workplace experience. After looking into Hitachi Solutions’ culture and the fact it would give me a chance to experience the IT consultancy industry, I was certain this was where I wanted to be.

My nerves of starting a brand-new position were soon squashed as Hitachi Solutions provided a smooth transition into the role with several induction meetings that introduced me to the company. Within a week of joining the team, I found myself immersed in my new position and eager to learn more. This only increased as I got to know talented team members who welcomed me and were willing to share their expertise within the company. Everyone, from the Marketing team to Vice Presidents, Architects to the HR and Talent Acquisition team, were incredibly kind which showed me, first hand, how important the Hitachi Solutions culture really is.

From the beginning of the internship, I was getting stuck in with marketing tasks including creating social media posts, SEO training and generating and editing written content for the website. Each week, I gained further experience from sitting in meetings, which gave me the chance to further express my creativity and ideas within a corporate environment. One of the activities I volunteered to be involved in was a joint collaboration between our ED&I and marketing team, planning an internal event for International Women’s Day. My first month ended with said event which was a great success in the office and filled me with pride, despite only being with a company for a short period of time.

During the months of March and April, I became more stable within my role. Not only was this due to my enriching conversations with team members, but also as I had had the opportunity to obtain a deeper understanding of Hitachi Solutions’ internal and external communication processes, from a marketing perspective. Further, I had also developed multiple research projects that allowed me to apply my academic knowledge to real-world situations. One of these included taking a deep dive into the company’s social media and putting together a strategy for improvement on Twitter and LinkedIn.

With an extensive list of tasks under my belt, my confidence increased. This internship has provided me with a renewed sense of self-assurance with questions encouraged and the ones I was asking, happily answered. The supportive network within Hitachi Solutions and the creative nature of the company enabled me to take pride in my ideas, take constructive criticism head on and effectively present the outcome in a business setting. For the first time in my educational and professional journey, I felt part of a team that valued my skills and talent.

Arguably, the most important takeaway from my time with Hitachi Solutions is that I will be leaving the company with a network of fantastic individuals that have provided me with valuable guidance and mentorship.

Applying myself to an internship has been a stark departure from my previous experiences of university work and part-time jobs. I have not only adjusted to working full-time and navigating the intricacies of a professional business setting, but have also been able to develop my communication style, improve my prioritisation skills and provide relevant and creative ideas in team discussions.

Ultimately, the collaborative culture at Hitachi Solutions has provided me with a learning environment which encourages innovation, and critical thinking. Hitachi Solutions has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on my CV; the skills and knowledge I have built up over my three months here have been invaluable and I am leaving the organisation with a network of fantastic, smart individuals who will continue to provide me with ongoing guidance and mentorship as I make my transition into a full time job.




Katherine Tarbitt

Author Spotlight

Katherine Tarbitt

Katherine is a first-class Communication and Media graduate from the University of Liverpool, who is working as a Marketing Intern at Hitachi Solutions Europe.