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Hitachi Solutions, in partnership with Microsoft, have developed several personal and process productivity low-code apps specifically designed to improve the collaboration of contractors and sub-contractors on and off-site and ensure safer more seamless working experiences for teams. As members of GIRI, we focus our attention on the stark fact that 21% of the cost of modern-day projects is consumed by avoidable errors. This is in a sector where overall margins can be as low as 2%.

We have picked scenarios where site managers, sub-contractors and back-office employees lose time in repetitive administrative processes that disrupt productivity on site. Our mobile applications have been built to run standalone or to be fed by and fed back into your existing project control applications.

We have concentrated on areas of on-site activity which cause delay, frustration, and additional cost to our clients. A good example from one of our clients is sub-contractors, once on-site, spending only 50% of their time on average at their point of work. These are the kind of business insights we worked to address, starting with seven easy-to-use solutions.

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From pre-works contractor collaboration to site arrival, works delivery and works completion our bespoke low-code apps replace traditional time consuming and paper-heavy legacy processes.

One of the many advantages of the apps is they’re easy and quick to implement and offer rapid return on investment.

For a showcase of how the latest low-code technology can help your business with:

  • Rapid onboarding – contractor collaboration for works planning and delivery
  • Proactive risk assessment – control for safer site experiences
  • Modernised permit-to-work management – reducing administration and time-consuming approval
  • Industry best practice – incident and near miss reporting with investigations that drive real on the ground improvements
  • Improved efficiency – reduced time lost on administrative tasks.
  • Real-time integration – choose to integrate with your project control application.
  • Real-time control – collect information and react immediately.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how the apps are helping to transform Construction businesses, get in touch today with one of our experts.