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Microsoft Advanced Specialisations are a recent addition to the Microsoft partner certification programme. An Advanced Specialisation is earned on top of a gold competency, and it demonstrates a partner’s proven ability to deliver specific services measured against exacting standards.

As an organisation, Hitachi Solutions bring together a broad technology skillset in combination with deep industry knowledge. We are delighted to announce that to date we have achieved 7 Microsoft Advanced Specialisations, in the below text, I will outline these in more detail.

Application Modernisation

Modernisation of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure

At Hitachi Solutions, we have a strong custom development team that can support your journey in modernising or creating your custom applications. Our strategy is cloud-first, enabling organisations to benefit from applications that can scale alongside your business. Complementing this, we apply the best DevOps practices, so your business can benefit from full automation and maintenance of your applications. For further information on this topic, you can visit our Modern Solutions webpage.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security
Threat Protection

We put cloud security at the forefront of our propositions. In addition to securing our applications, we offer assessments and consultancy around Azure Governance and Security. We promote the concept of “zero-trust” to tackle both internal or external threats to protect organisations digital assets every day. For further information on this topic, you can visit our Cloud Enablement & Security page.


Analytics on Microsoft Azure
Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure

Data is an integral part of business operations. At Hitachi Solutions, we have expert Data and Analytics capabilities that focus on understanding your business and unlocking the value of your data. Our “Modern Data Platform” rapidly reduces the amount of time required to migrate data into the Cloud whilst providing an immediate return on investment by harnessing insights through interactive dashboards. For further information on this topic, you can visit our Data & Analytics page.


Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop
Windows Server and SQL Migration to Microsoft Azure

Our final two Advanced Specialisations awards showcase our offerings in the Cloud Enablement space. Our tech-focused design and implementation give your remote users a secure, easy to manage, productive personal computing experience with Windows from the Azure Cloud. For further information on this topic, you can visit our Cloud Enablement & Security webpage.

The past two years have been disruptive and highly challenging for businesses across the world. Organisations have had to adapt in order to remain competitive by changing their ways of working, re-assessing their financial priorities and looking at new revenue streams.

Digital transformation, as a result, has become even more of a strategic focus. Hitachi Solutions have been at the centre of all of this. We have been able to help organisations in both the commercial and public sectors (including Local and Central Government) with their digital transformation journeys.

We combine our business transformation pedigree with Cloud Solutions and Business Applications expertise to help you grow your business.