Join Warwickshire County Council, Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft to learn how to rapidly improve the quality of resident interactions and authority performance at a time when true innovation is required to make transformative technology projects viable.  

During this 90-minute webinar, we will discuss Warwickshire County Council’s unique approach taken to digitally transform the council and discover what sets the program apart, with an emphasis on co-development, skill enhancement and new ways of working, by extending the focus beyond just the technology.  

We will also discuss how Hitachi Solutions’ delivery methodology, is bringing faster time-to-saving, and experiencing immediate benefits during the initial functionality deployment and again in post-implementation. 


Some key focus areas will include: 

  •          Co-Development 
  •          Closing the loop (the user experience) 
  •          Incremental Releases 
  •          Optimise vs Process Redesign 
  •          Resident Payments Online 
  •          Platform Sustainability 


Hear directly from Warwickshire County Council on how Hitachi Solutions are helping them on their digital transformation journey and how we are empowering their teams to continue to improve their services to their residents. 

Who should attend?

Chief Information Officer  

Chief Digital Officer  

IT Director  

Transformation Director

What are the benefits of attending?   

  • Insight into Co-Development Learn about the innovative co-development approach employed by Warwickshire County Council, Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft, fostering collaboration and skill enhancement for attendees. 
  • Practical Lessons from “Closing the Loop” – Gain valuable insights into the practical application of the “Closing the Loop” strategy, drawing parallels with the successful user experience, and understand how it contributes to improved resident interactions and authority performance. 
  • Strategic Embrace of Incremental Releases – Discover the benefits of adopting incremental releases as a strategic methodology, enabling faster time-to-savings and providing immediate benefits during initial functionality deployment and post-implementation phases. 
  • Balancing Optimisation and Process Redesign – Explore the Warwickshire County Council’s vision of striking a balance between optimisation and process redesign, addressing the challenges of industry cost consciousness and ensuring sustained value throughout the project lifecycle. 
  • Enhancing Resident Services with Online Payments – Understand the transformative impact of transitioning resident payments online, contributing to improved efficiency, convenience, and resident satisfaction while exploring the practical aspects of this digital shift. 

Who will you hear from within Hitachi Solutions?

Local and Regional Government Industry Experts 
Our best-in-class industry experts. 

Business Transformation Leaders
Our senior experts (functional and technical) possess globally renowned expertise in delivering business transformation projects and solutions.  


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  • Date 7 March, 2024
  • Time 12 - 1:30pm