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Improving Southwark Council's citizen experience through successful collaboration


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Trust is really important with technology partners. Hitachi Solutions has strong values which are echoed by the teams who genuinely want to help and support.

Dionne Lowndes,
Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Southwark Council


The Future

Southwark Council are orientated towards becoming a data-driven organisation, aligning services through the consolidation of apps using, Power Apps, CRM and Data Platform. As a result, improving overall citizen experience and wellbeing through technology. Southwark Council also continues to recognise the importance of data being incorporated through the organisation, building a data culture, as they identify further need for change across other departments.

Further engagement is planned for a housing Catalyst that will explore the replacement of additional disparate systems. The engagement will challenge the status quo for resident experience by promoting and highlighting the potential of portal technology across a range of services.

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