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Eurotunnel Case study

Eurotunnel improves sales force efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365

As the concessionnaire for the Channel Tunnel, which was inaugurated in 1994, Eurotunnel is a vital link between United Kingdom and Continental Europe. Every year, more than 20 million passengers take the tunnel with vehicles and so do more than 1.6 million trucks.



“Initial results have been very positive and open up great possibilities: our sales people have adopted Microsoft Dynamics 365 and now have access to real-time data, whether from their computer, smartphone or tablet, whenever they are on the move.”

Virginie Vermeulen, Freight Sales & Systems Support Manager at Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel: A global implementation project in record time!

The project was rolled out in just five months across eight countries, enabling sales teams to work on a single platform. The language used in CRM is English but for letters and documents sent to customers, local languages ​​are used.

Eurotunnel had to implement the new CRM solution in order to meet the cut-off date for renewing contracts.

“Speed was an essential part of the project”, says Alexandre Delpierre, Country General Manager of Hitachi Solutions France. “Five months is not a lot. We couldn’t afford to waste time on any one phase.  It was a real challenge!”

Historically, Eurotunnel has always been at the forefront of technology.

Today, as part of a digital transformation process for the entire company, Eurotunnel intends to use new digital tools already existing on the market to simplify and enhance customer experiences, while also improving its efficiency.

For Christian Dufermont, Eurotunnel’s Deputy Commercial Freight Director, the development of the role of Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is an integral part of this transformation plan:

“We wanted to transform our CRM into something even more efficient. We also wanted to make it more accessible, both in terms of mobility, for our sales team all over Europe, and across different devices, to adapt to a variety of uses.”

Change Management

So that its teams can adopt the new CRM tool quickly, Eurotunnel has chosen to invest in a Change Management phase. The training sessions for this took place on site in the working languages of the employees involved, using their individual tools in French, English, Spanish and German.

“Change management has enabled our team to adopt the CRM tool rapidly for major changes, such as opening account receivables and sending out paperless contracts efficiently”, confirms Virginie Vermeulen.

Accessibility and Features

“The old CRM didn’t really meet our needs …,” confirms Virginie Vermeulen, Freight Sales Support Manager. “For example, we wanted to dispatch paperless legal documents and to transmit e-mails in an integrated way.”

Eurotunnel has chosen Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM because “it is the only solution that meets these criteria”, she says. “And also because it integrates seamlessly with our Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem, especially in emails and calendars, which is a real asset”.

Another advantage of this solution is that its analysis dashboards offer both real-time and predictive data, which are based partly on historical data. Above all, the solution is fully scalable: it adapts to all requirements, whether present or future, thanks to a pre-configured solution that enables easy creation and deployment of new applications and features.

Microsoft Dynamics modules

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Electronic signature
  • Change management
  • Dashboards with predictive and real-time analysis
  • Modular solution
  • Saving time for teams

Client testimonial

“We wanted to transform our CRM into something even more efficient. We also wanted to make it more accessible, both in terms of mobility, for our sales team all over Europe, and across different devices, to adapt to a variety of uses.”

Christian Dufermont, Deputy Commercial Freight Director,  Eurotunnel

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