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The 13th May 2024 marked the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week and Hitachi Solutions is proud to launch our new wellness tool, Hapstar, which will help our employees proactively manage their well-being across 5 key areas of life: career, physical, mental, financial, and social.

How it began?

In today’s corporate world, acknowledging the significance of mental health is essential. At Hitachi Solutions, fostering a culture of support and empathy is key, and we recognise that mental well-being directly impacts employee productivity, satisfaction, and overall success.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new mental health app. This app isn’t just a resource; it’s a practical tool designed to empower our employees to manage their mental wellness effectively. Its launch highlights our commitment to prioritising mental health within our organisation and ensuring our team members have the support they need to thrive personally and professionally.

With the support of Hapstar, a UK-based start-up, we have collaboratively created an interactive platform where individuals can score out of 70 in different areas, such as life, health, and career drivers.


How can employees benefit from this app?

Well, what do you gain as an employee? Using the data input, each person can set personalised action plans to help with momentum and accountability and ultimately help create healthy new habits.

The app will also feature a supporting resource library that updates based on individual trends. Over time, users will develop a comprehensive understanding of their overall wellness, identifying areas requiring more attention and where they may be getting the most joy.

To ensure all employees feel safe when entering their data into the app, all identifying information is removed during the sign-up process, and a 2-week 25-person pilot was completed to help ensure the user experience was safe and smooth.

How can Hitachi Solutions use this data to proactively support staff?

From an employer perspective, we will get a top-line snapshot of trends. This allows us to provide more tangible support for our people when needed.

To make the most of this new resource, we encourage everyone to check in regularly and maximise the use of the app for their personal preferences, but from a business perspective, we will be asking our people to check in once per month to allow us to be aware and provide support around our wellbeing trends.

As time passes and we begin to accumulate a few years of data, we hope to understand the trends that emerge each year and continue to improve proactive access to support.

The app successfully launched in the UK on May 13th, and employees will begin to receive hints and tips in our wellbeing channel to help them use the platform. We will also hold drop-in sessions with Hapstar and the wellbeing consultant, Kirsty Birch for further support.

While this is currently only being rolled out in the UK, our offices in Portugal are also testing something similar. We plan to review which wellbeing partner is the best fit for us and proceed with one partner across the region.

Key Takeaways

Mental health is just as vital as physical health, and at Hitachi Solutions, we are committed to prioritising it within our workplace culture. By empowering our employees to take proactive steps towards enhancing their mental health, we aim to foster a positive and supportive work environment.