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Every quarter, we have a team event where all the Project Management and Governance teams across our European business come together in London for a series of talks and collaborative sessions. The value of these sessions is in building closer relationships across groups of people that often work in remote locations. It is also a good chance to re-enforce with the team our core values, our vision and some of the new ideas of how to do things better.


So, what does it take to be a successful project manager at Hitachi Solutions?

To answer this question, we first have to understand what success looks like. For many companies, success means driving better sales and profits. For us at Hitachi Solutions, this is only one piece of the puzzle. Continuous improvement and team development are key focuses within Hitachi Solutions to ensure that we have the best project governance expertise and our project managers are successful on their projects.


Customer focus

At Hitachi Solutions we focus on our commitments – time, cost and quality – delivering successful outcomes for our customers.  This means great solutions that meet our customers’ organisational strategies and objectives, which have high user adoption. Our customers also engage with the Hitachi brand which stands for quality and includes our project management and governance expertise. We understand projects can be difficult so we provide transparency and sincerity in our communications to our clients.


People Business

Our main asset is our people. Our company culture is very important to us and we strive to make Hitachi Solutions a great place to work for everyone. Selling and delivering great innovative solutions would not be possible without our team.

Project managers have a key responsibility in ensuring that we maintain our culture and value our people. They have a duty of care to ensure that work life balance is maintained and that individual team members are positively engaged on their projects.

We emphasise diversity and inclusion in our projects both within Hitachi Solutions and also more broadly in our interactions with our customers. Our project managers must be well versed in working with an inclusive mindset and valuing diversity in their project teams.

Our Project Managers have a key responsibility in ensuring that we maintain our culture and value our people.

Balancing our approach to business

Project managers report not only on the profitability of their projects but also on their team and customer satisfaction. These are what we believe are the three pillars of success for project management.

Our project delivery quarterly meeting

That is why we brought the project management and governance teams together for the most recent quarterly meeting. Our presentations, breakout sessions and group discussions, are all based on sharpening and improving our skills to deliver success.

Abdul-Wahid Paterson

Author Spotlight

Abdul-Wahid Paterson

He joined the business in 2011 having completed 5 years of Dynamics AX implementation experience in client-side project management roles. Abdul-Wahid has a passion for building functional teams and empowering those around him to deliver and achieve more. His objective is to ensure that Hitachi Solutions have the highest standards in project management and governance, on all of our projects, to help deliver successful outcomes for our clients.