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Yasmina Passeri candidate for the Women in Industry Awards 2022

Yasmina Passeri, Hitachi Solutions, has submitted her candidacy for the prestigious Women in Industry 2022 Awards in the "International Woman" category to be held on 29 September 2022.

After a remarkable academic career, carried out in parallel with an international modelling career, Yasmina Passeri has now been excelling as a Project Manager at Hitachi Solutions for over a year.

A multicultural career with an international focus

Due to her Martinique, Indian and Cameroonian origins as well as her natural curiosity, Yasmina Passeri has always had an international orientation in her life, both personally (having lived for many years in Italy and currently in England) and professionally.

From a professional point of view, Yasmina has more than 9 years of experience in digital transformation, she has worked with teams located all over the world, which allows her to be comfortable in a multicultural environment:

“I was responsible for the Change Management strategy for a key player in the Banking sector. In this capacity, I personally trained over 3,000 users in French, English and Italian, travelling to over 8 countries in less than 6 months.”

During her professional career, Yasmina Passeri has constantly shared her knowledge and expertise within different companies. When she joined Hitachi Solutions in February 2021, Yasmina quickly found her place by spontaneously joining the “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – ED&I” group, which aims to promote diversity regardless of origin, gender or religious orientation. In addition to her involvement in the ED&I group, Yasmina is very involved in the charity world, she never ceases to mobilise all Hitachi Solutions teams to support causes such as the Emmaus Association.

Today, she heads a multicultural team of 12 people from 4 different countries and 2 different time zones. Yasmina is driven by the unwavering desire to support her employees in their well-being at work. To this end, she is extremely creative in creating a strong team spirit by encouraging bi-weekly exchanges. In less than 3 months, more than 50 cultural exchanges have taken place. This is a real success story.

What is the Women in Industry Awards?

Since 2012, the Trophées des Femmes de l’Industrie have been rewarding exemplary female careers in all industrial sectors. Organised by Usine Nouvelle, these trophies highlight the careers of women in different categories such as; Woman Entrepreneur, Woman in R&D, Commercial Woman, Sustainable Development and International Woman, as well as many more.

Yasmina Passeri, Hitachi Solutions, has submitted her candidacy for the prestigious Women in Industry 2022 Awards in the “International Woman” category to be held on 29 September 2022.

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