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2019 - A year in blogs

2019 - A year in blogs


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December is always the month of celebration, reflection, and the guy in the red suit delivering presents. As 2019 comes to an end, I wanted to reflect on some of the great content the team at Hitachi Solutions Europe have produced over the last year. If you’ve already read these then we salute you, if you haven’t, this is a chance to take a look at the most-read blogs of 2019.

5 – How to build the right change management strategy for your organisation

March saw Tony Riches take a look at how businesses can construct a change management strategy that can ensure their digital transformation is a success. If you want to find out how to build the right change management strategy for your organisation, you can read it here.

4 – 8 Factors for Successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Programmes

In at number 4 was Abdul-Wahid Paterson’s blog focusing on his 8fFactors for successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 programmes. ‘Success is not only that a Dynamics 365 solution has been deployed that is aligned to the organisation strategy and meets the objectives but also that it has excellent user adoption.  That is, the organisation is on track to start realising the benefits that they were seeking.’ If you’re wanting to know Abdul-Wahid’s 8 factors, you can read them here.

3 - The Microsoft Dynamics partner of the future, opening the door to your digitisation

Written at the start of 2019, our Vice President for Solutions Alpesh Mistry examined the changing role of a Microsoft Dynamics partner and how organisations like Hitachi Solutions are helping businesses adapt to the new era of digital disruption. If you want to find out more about opening the door to your digitisation you can read Alpesh’s blog here.

2 - Canvas Apps vs. Model-driven apps with Microsoft’s PowerApps

In second place we have a blog written by Matthew Webb, Hitachi Solutions’ lead consultant in Customer Engagement. Within this piece, Matthew discusses how more companies than ever before are seeing in-house apps being built by non-IT staff to solve business problems. He then takes a look at Canvas Apps vs. Model-driven apps with Microsoft’s PowerApps. This very insightful blog can be found here.

1 - Hitachi Solutions named as Global Microsoft Government Partner of the Year

And finally, our most-read blog of 2019 was, of course, our announcement that Hitachi Solutions was the winner of the 2019 Microsoft Global Government Partner of the Year. Being a very proud achievement for us it’s no surprise that our CEO Steve French’s acknowledgement of the award had so many views. You can read more about the announcement here.

A huge thank you to all of the Hitachi Solutions team who took so much time writing thought-provoking content in 2019 and all of our readers who we hope enjoyed reading as our team did writing. We can’t wait for much more content to be produced in 2020.

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Lee Wise

Lee Wise heads up UK marketing at Hitachi Solutions Europe. He has been working within the Microsoft Dynamics community since 2009, planning and executing marketing campaigns and strategies across a host of industries with Microsoft and the wider partner community.

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