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Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce

Offer your customers an individual and high-quality shopping experience


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An attractive online shop alone is no longer enough to run a successful e-commerce business. Customers are increasingly looking for an individual shopping experience with excellent service. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps you tailor your marketing to each buyer. This can improve your e-commerce strategy in the long term.

Getting more out of your E-Commerce

Nowadays, a clever combination of an ERP and/or CRM system with your online shop is almost unimaginable. Only AI-based systems can store and evaluate the huge amount of data that is collected. With an ERP system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, your marketing can be tailored to each client and you can better meet the individual needs of the customer. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, AI and Analytics are already integrated which gives your customers a unique way to shop. The system can access your customers' previous purchases to make unique suggestions, such as items in a regularly bought colour or in previously bought sizes. AI identifies patterns and trends in the purchases and returns made. This means it will tell you in advance which products you should order or produce more of and which products are less in demand. Your sales system will be more efficient, and your customers will benefit from current offers.

Clever links, positive benefits

AI can also relieve your customer support team. A good example of this is AI chatbots which can answer questions and assist your customers. They use the collected data and determine responses based on FAQs. Integrated e-commerce for Dynamics 365 also enables you to give your customers 24/7 access to real-time ERP data in your online shop which in turn frees up time for your sales people.

Furthermore, you can optimize your shop search functions with AI. Not only words can be used to search, but also images and voice control.  If the buyer has seen a dress, for example, he can photograph it and upload it to your search function. The AI compares the image with the existing data and can make similar suggestions to the customer.

Take advantage of these and many other benefits by harmonising your ERP system with your e-commerce business.

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