Harnessing Data, Driving Change

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We understand your challenges

We understand the need for public sector organisations to be smarter, more efficient and deliver better value and outcomes for citizens.  From modern data platforms to performance and analysis, having a central view and trust in your data, drives greater insights and efficiencies. 

Here at Hitachi Solutions, we have significant experience across the entire data spectrum, including:

  • Performance analysis
  • Data platforms
  • Engineering
  • Robotic process engineering
  • Data science and modelling
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A ‘single source of the truth’

From your existing data…

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Informed business decisions

Make informed business decisions based on data across your entire business

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Cloud migration

Take advantage of the cloud and migrate on-premises data systems to Azure

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Return on investment

Create an immediate return on investment by harnessing insights into your data through interactive dashboards

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Automated reporting

Reduce internal constraints and remove manual reporting

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Reduce time taken

Rapidly reduce the amount of time required to migrate data into the Cloud

Our Modern Data Platform follows industry best practices, GDS, and is built on Microsoft reference architecture. The platform ensures security, flexibility and consistency in a framework that is repeatable and scalable.

In as little as 6 weeks, we can ingest, transform and produce stunning visual reports and interactive dashboards, supporting an easy view of your data. It can integrate enterprise-grade components to load data from a huge range of sources into a single unified version of the truth.  This provides a rich, timely, and interactive Data Analytics services across your business.

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