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Shropshire Council expand existing Microsoft investments to deliver ‘single view of the citizen’ with Hitachi Solutions


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When we were looking at CRM, we had a few options and realised Microsoft Dynamics 365 was a good solution for us largely because it’s with Microsoft and we knew that in 5 years’ time we weren’t going to have to do all the work again and that was something we’ve been burnt with in the past. The Hitachi Solutions team are handing over to ours and we’re really pleased with how it’s going. Our team have learnt from the best and it’s been really successful.

Andrew Boxall
Technology and Communications Service Manager, Shropshire Council

The Future

The project was considered crucial by the council in proving that consumer devices could form a core component of their assisted living strategy, and that data from such devices can be combined with other valuable citizen insights to ultimately enable better care.

Hitachi Solutions continues to work with clients across Local Government and Housing Associations, to help them use data from connected devices – using IoT (the “Internet of Things”) – to transform services.


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