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The Customer

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is a Ministerial Department in the UK Government, responsible for developing and implementing policies and programmes to promote public health and advance healthcare innovation, helping people live longer, healthier, and more independent lives.

Hitachi Solutions began its partnership with DHSC in July 2019, initially replacing its legacy systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365 during the pandemic. Our collaboration continued with additional projects, supporting the implementation of a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution that provided Finance, Purchase-to-Pay, and HR systems.

Over the past five years, our experts have worked closely with the department to redefine our partnership, moving beyond a traditional customer-supplier relationship to a true collaboration with DHSC.

The Challenge

DHSC faced a challenge with its Freedom of Information Systems built on Dynamics Customer Essentials (CE). The department aimed to gain a deeper understanding of the system and leverage its full potential to enhance its operational capabilities, but also required more comprehensive maintenance and support. Similar to the support provided by our experts for its Finance and Operations (F&O) system, DHSC sought a better overall experience with its CE system in terms of responsiveness, efficiency, and effectiveness to better serve citizens.

Hitachi Solutions is a testament to the power of collaboration. Together, we achieve extraordinary results fuelled by trust, respect, and a shared commitment to excellence. It’s more than a business relationship; it’s a journey of mutual success.

Bob Armstrong
Head of Technology Services

The Solution

Our initial collaboration with DHSC primarily focused on supporting its F&O system. However, the success of this partnership led to DHSC asking us to extend our support to its CE system. Confident in our capabilities and the strong partnership established during the F&O project, DHSC entrusted us as the strategic partner to deliver a high level of service for its CE system.

Our experts conducted a solution maturity assessment on DHSC’s current CE system to provide insights into its current state. This enabled us to recommend a blend of tactical and strategic improvements. Our Lifetime Services (LTS) experts seamlessly integrated the management of DHSC’s CE system alongside it’s F&O systems, focusing on handling all upgrades and enhancements.

Continuous improvement

The success of our partnership with DHSC was supported by the strong relationships formed between our service teams including account management, performance, project, and the (LTS) team. These teams played a vital role in supporting DHSC’s Dynamics 365 applications, offering ongoing support and facilitating continuous, iterative improvement. Our experts have forged a strong working partnership with DHSC over the years, operating seamlessly as a united team, with transparency and trust at its core.

Our LTS team was vital in supporting DHSC’s digital transformation. They offer customers a range of support solutions with their Microsoft Business Applications and services, with a focus on resolving business challenges. LTS prioritises building long-term relationships with customers and adjusting to meet their changing needs.

DHSC collaborates closely with Hitachi Solutions LTS, emphasising the significance of our enduring partnership characterised by collaborative teamwork and mutual trust. Operating with a framework of high trust and capability, Hitachi Solutions ensures the delivery of quality and excellence to DHSC. Hitachi Solutions should be very proud of their track record in DHSC.

Brian Rayner
Head of IT Business Systems

The Future

Our partnership with DHSC showcases our ability to address its challenges and consistently deliver tangible results through technology solutions and consulting expertise.

Moving forward, our experts at Hitachi Solutions will continue to closely collaborate with the department, taking on greater responsibility in the Microsoft Dynamics arena to support DHSC’s growth. DHSC eagerly anticipates continuing to benefit from our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics to drive advancements.

Similarly, we have many service and solution improvements to assess and deliver together, prioritising value for DHSC in the coming years.