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The Customer

Created in 1999, UCAR is a car sharing operator whose business is structured around 4 areas including car rental.

UCAR has an annual turnover of €54 million and has around 100 direct employees with 500 people working in across all networks (franchisees and franchised employees). Within France, UCAR has 410 branches and nearly 8,000 vehicles. The company has been listed on Euronext Growth for 10 years.

The Challenge

The UCAR project started from an observation: The multiplication of information within structures and the complexity of sales requires better data management. This led to a need to personalize the relationship with franchisees by sharing best practices.

The stakes for UCAR were twofold; on the one hand, it was necessary to have a data management tool available to franchisees and, on the other hand, for the network to have a data monitoring tool that allows them to supervise the activity of their franchisees and give insight to their regional managers to know what is happening in the agencies.


The Solution

UCAR needed to measure and improve the performance of its franchises. In order to support this strategy and its future deployment, UCAR Group selected Hitachi Solutions and Power BI to implement an application with ergonomics adapted to business issues to strengthen the adoption of end-users but also to allow them to improve their results thanks to real-time data. UCAR chose Power BI to:

  • Have one view of all franchises and their KPIs with a single global dataset
  • Strengthen their database and monitor processes to prepare a database for the future
  • Simplify and expand their reporting capability

The implementation of the solution and its key success factors were as follows:

  • An agile approach close collaboration between business and technical teams via an agile approach
  • Modernisation co-construction workshops to streamline the approach
  • Synchronisation between different user needs and ergonomics to facilitate adoption

The benefits were multiple:

  • Time saving
  • More KPIs available
  • Team Adoption
woman signing a contract

I really appreciated the relationship with Hitachi Solutions. They quickly identified our needs and put the necessary people in place to understand and accompany us on a daily basis.

Joezer Lebrun
CIO and Digital Innovation Director

The Future

The deployment of the solution in all the networks and improvements with the implementation of new KPIs by syncing more details of activities. In addition, the integration of Machine Learning to process the data and draw insights.