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Maximise the game-changing benefits of the Internet of Things

As the products and equipment around us become increasingly intelligent and connected, businesses need to find ways to make the most of the Internet of Things. Our Internet of Things solution harnesses the ability of connected devices to gather relevant data, unlocking greater efficiency, new levels of service and fresh revenue streams.


Seize emerging opportunities ahead of the competition

Businesses around the world are already making great leaps forward by leveraging the Internet of Things and, as the number of connected devices continues to accelerate, its potential is multiplying rapidly. We understand that your business want to leverage this. Our Internet of Things solution is designed to help you work out a comprehensive strategy so you can pull ahead from the competition.

Predictive technology at your fingertips

At the heart of our Internet of Things solution lies the Hitachi Solutions IoT Service Hub. It’s a combination of cloud-based software, data science and integration. Trusted and reliable, it’s built on proven Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure. Its inbuilt predictive features mean your business is able to work proactively, rather than reactively, making informed and confident decisions.

Rapid, predictive responses

The Hitachi Solutions IoT Service Hub is a fast-track way for your business to make the most of the Internet of Things now and into the future, by using the vast amount of data it generates in a predictive way. Its real-time views deliver rapid notifications which mean you can take action immediately, planning for the future rather than reacting to the past. This will significantly improve your customer service.



The Internet of Things

Unlock the power of the Internet of Things with the Hitachi Solutions IoT Service Hub.

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We’re looking at new ways of doing things, overhauling everything we have, reducing the number of applications while improving customer service.

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Shropshire County Council

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