Increase supply chain visibility

The Get it Right Initiative (GIRI) has measured that 21% of the cost of a construction project is due to avoidable error, increasing visibility across your supply chain can help reduce this.

Resilient, sustainable
and flexible

In a sector where margins are so tight, any inroads can improve performance dramatically. Technology can help projects substantially reduce avoidable errors by improving supply chain communication and collaboration. This area needs the same focus and culture change that has seen safety records improve.

Improve decision making

Bridging the gap between field and office is key to unlocking improved productivity. Without up-to-date information available anytime and anywhere, the potential for errors and costly rework is high. Real-time project information lets you make faster and more informed decisions. It’s a significant opportunity for an industry where traditionally, information collection and analysis can take days or even months.

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Reduce waste

Have a detailed view of your project, whether you’re on-site or off-site and uncover the real-time insights that deliver smarter results and faster decision making, reducing delays and waste.

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Increase utilisation

Having a single, clear view of large equipment, manpower and material utilisation across projects allows for optimum usage, ensuring resources are at the right place at the right time.

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Focus on sustainability

Focus on your sustainability efforts throughout the supply chain with a waste reduction strategy.

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Supply chain transparency

A real-time view of your plans and progress through supply chain control from one place.

train platform

“Initial results have been very positive and open up great possibilities: our salespeople have adopted Microsoft Dynamics 365 and now have access to real-time data, whether from their computer, smartphone or tablet, whenever they are on the move”

Virginie Vermuelen, Freight Sales Support Manager