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Local Government


Transform your Local Government technology to excel

We know that it’s getting increasingly more difficult for local councils to fulfil their obligations to citizens and communities. Facing a growing and ageing population, you’re striving to find ways to bridge the gap between funding and resources, and the expectations of citizens. You know the solution lies in delivering differently — to drive revenue to meet your obligations, and you’re wondering how technology can help.

Embracing digital transformation to better serve your communities

We understand that addressing your challenges is more than just a business or a technology issue — your solution needs to transform both together. We’ll achieve this rapidly, using our four business Accelerators, ready-made processes and tools specifically designed for Local Government: digital customer engagement; service delivery; data analytics; and transforming the back office. 



Helping to transform Local Government

Are you keen to explore Microsoft Dynamics 365, but not sure where to start?

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Deploy real innovation, transform your organisation


We’re looking at new ways of doing things, overhauling everything we have, reducing the number of applications while improving customer service.

Andrew Boxall, Technology and Communications Service Manager
Shropshire County Council