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Time to give back – And have some fun with it!


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"How can we help during Lockdown?"

Last month, this was a recurring question across our Teams channels. The Hitachi Solutions teams in Portugal had multiple discussions around activities to (virtually) get together and the most common topic, by far, was what charity work could we get involved with and how we could help the community in Portugal.

That’s when we had to get a bit creative – without the possibility to leave home and go for the more typical approaches (e.g. giving blood, investing time by providing a helping hand) – finding an alternative was the next step. We came up with a game event night (a “fool me if you can” kind of game), requesting an entry fee from all who participated in the form of an individual donation to a charity institution chosen by the team.

The game itself, in essence, is an interactive, turn-based session where you take turns trying to fool your colleagues. This consists of either telling them a true story from your past or a lie. Your colleagues then have to quickly ask questions to try and catch you out and then make a final call on whether to vote for True or False on that story. This was very easy to put together and simple to start playing, while rapidly creating a very fun environment in which people are laughably trying to lie their way out of a set of questions or having to convince people that a given story really is the truth, despite the disbelief of its intrinsic nature.

With a number of suggestions, collaboration and preparation work to deliver the initiative now in the rear mirror, this contribution is a by-product of simplicity by asking a fundamental question, getting people together to work for a common goal, all whilst having some fun! The entire experience resulted in a considerable donation by individuals from the team, followed by another donation by Hitachi Solutions to sponsor the initiative and promote further engagement. The whole process was facilitated by technology; where we leveraged a Community App (a solution built on top of the Microsoft Power Platform) that enables our people to raise their voices by sharing, voting, and collaborating on any topics relevant to the team, engaging with one another to develop ideas into projects and contribute to a better community internally and externally alike.

The feedback from the team has been highly positive and we do hope this message encourages others as we are already working on similar initiatives for the immediate future.

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