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Hitachi Solutions announced as 'Featured Partner of the Month' for the second month in a row!


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We are incredibly honoured to see that for the second time this year we are part of the “Featured Partner” list on the Microsoft Power Apps website found here.

When I look back on the last ten months from when we first stood up the Power Platform capability, I am immensely proud of what the team at Hitachi Solutions Europe has achieved. We have carried out work in a wide-ranging variety of sectors; manufacturing, health care, financial services, public sector, telecoms and retail to name a few.

We have helped support the absolutely crucial and urgent work related to the Coronavirus, one of which was our Vulnerability Hub which forms part of the backbone to the shielding list that our National Health Service provided that identified 1.5 million vulnerable citizens (vulnerability here meaning that if those identified were to contract the Coronavirus they would likely require hospitalisation). Our fantastic team turned around a solution within 48 hours that now services over 750,000 vulnerable people. On top of other related projects, we have also assisted and supported Microsoft with various app support and build-out whilst they battled to meet the demand that this horrible pandemic created.

We have helped enable countless organisations with our world-leading Centre of Excellence offering which focuses on control, governing, nurturing and supporting a client’s Power Platform estate to ensure both citizen developers and professional developers can truly leverage the power of the platform without causing any risk to their company.

On top of this, we have helped many of our clients modernise their current legacy application and data estate – ensuring they have a modern platform to work from leading to resolving challenges such as; dispersed data, budget & time restraints, constantly evolving business needs, legacy system maintenance and shadow IT.

All of this would not be possible without our great, innovative and forward-thinking clients who have absolute trust in, not only what we advise but, in the platform itself. Moreover, it is our fantastic team, of passionate, energetic and highly competent professionals that want to empower and inspire our customers and their workers to achieve more that acts as a true enabler of turning the impossible into possible. I look forward to seeing what the rest of 2020 may bring!

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William Dorrington

William Dorrington heads up the Power Platform Capability at Hitachi Solutions Europe. He has been part of the Power Platform community since the platform's release and has evangelised it ever since – through doing this he has also earned the title of Microsoft MVP. If you have a Power Platform question, challenge or concern then Will is the person to speak with!

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