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White Paper

Nurturing Differences

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion within UK Government’s DDaT Function

White Paper

Housing Roundtable with Hitachi Solutions and Cadence Innova – A Whitepaper

Hitachi Solutions and Cadence Innova were pleased to host several high-profile Housing Associations and Local Authorities, discussing the challenges faced in the UK providing housing services that meet an ever-changing landscape and customer needs.


Essentials for Housing: Front Office

Hitachi Solutions offers the prospect of a genuine end to end solution for Housing Associations. Our solution seamlessly joins together the back office with the front office of your business to create a single solution, with a single version of the truth.


Housing Associations – Solution Overview

We know you require systems that enable you to meet the challenges you face now and supportyour evolution into the future. We recognise that you are looking for a partner who has both industry and technical expertise to assist you in running an efficient, user friendly operation, across all your…


Catalyst with Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions understand first-hand the challenges facing manufacturing organisations. Our experts know that automation, advanced analytics and machine learning can generate step changes in productivity, flexibility and speed, and help organisations overcome their primary operational challenges.