Deliver real time data, insight and supply chain visibility

Align, understand
and accelerate

With greater scrutiny around supply chains fuelled by efforts to reduce carbon emissions, tackle global poor working practices and new legislation, the need for retailers to deliver accurate, real-time data and supply chain visibility has never been more pressing. 

Retailers who neglect the opportunity that technology provides to deliver progress in this area, will be left behind. AI-driven automation, harnessed in the correct way across supply chains, gives retailers the opportunity to seamlessly address these challenges and deliver the insight they need to save time, costs and fulfil requirements to operate more sustainably.  

To fully maximise on this opportunity, it’s important to simultaneously ensure your data is robust, secure, and able to deliver the insights you need. Hitachi Solutions Modern Data Platform built on Microsoft Azure enables more forensic data analysis, ensuring freedom from previously time consuming and cumbersome manual data processing tasks, and having to pull data from multiple different sources. We’ve helped retailers focus on the insights that really matter to them with Power BI and given teams access to the tools they need to operate more efficiently and effectively. 

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We’ve allowed the decision makers in our business to make good decisions using data. We’re now able to look at much more refined levels of membership and make much more precise and detailed decisions as a result.

Patrick Burrows
Chief Financial Officer, David Lloyd Clubs