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Update & Advisory Service

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your business advantage

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates are a necessity – we’ll help your business thrive

Managing the challenges of perpetual updates to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based system is challenging. Our Update & Advisory Service collaborates with your teams to manage the risk and to highlight how you can exploit these changes to your business advantage. It’s a tried and tested approach that helps a wide range of organisations thrive through the challenge of updates.


A service to take the strain

Major updates to your Microsoft business applications means you’re faced with the headache of accommodating these changes whilst running your business as normal. Our Update & Advisory Service will help you manage this seamlessly, providing a straightforward way to exploit these updates to your business advantage.

Expert, in-depth knowledge

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants analyse Microsoft’s release notes and review the Microsoft roadmap to create a rapid overview of upcoming updates. We then keep you up-to-date with quarterly awareness sessions, industry forums and a programme of webinars, helping you realise the full potential of future updates and alerting you to any potentially costly depreciations.

Building awareness

As part of our Update & Advisory Service you’ll receive quarterly awareness sessions to make sure you are fully informed on all upcoming updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and exactly how they might affect your business. We’ll explore the impact of the updates, highlighting any new features in development you could benefit from and helping you plan for any depreciations that might affect you.



Update & Advisory Service

Discover how to leverage regular Microsoft Dynamics 365 releases to your business advantage.

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Despite having bigger clients than us, Hitachi Solutions are always available when we need them. The team has been very flexible in fitting in with our changes and timescales to suit delivery. I would be happy to share my positive experience with anyone that’s considering working with them.

Anna Gagliano, Project Director, Head of Information Management

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