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Hitachi Solutions partner with Westminster City Council


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I’m delighted to announce Hitachi Solutions were selected by Westminster City Council (WCC), to deliver a single sign-on capability for residents to all online services offered, irrespective of the system provider, using a single set of credentials.

This exciting partnership further reinforces our credibility and reputation within Local Government, working alongside authorities modernising and transforming, to ease the pressure of delivering effective services.

Westminster’s Councillor Paul Swaddle OBE, Cabinet Member for Customer Services and Digital answers some fundamental questions about the work behind our partnership with WCC.

What were the business need/drivers that led to you partnering with Hitachi Solutions Europe?

Westminster City Council (WCC) is replacing its street-based 'Report it' capability with a new solution and also rolling out a new customer authentication platform based on Azure AD B2C. The project required integration of Fix My Street (FMS) front end with the council's Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform and other lines of business applications. The council was looking for a partner to support us with deep expertise in both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ADB2C available to start immediately.

Why Hitachi Solutions Europe?

Hitachi Solutions came highly recommended by Microsoft and are supported by excellent industry credentials. Hitachi Solutions were very proactive to expedite the on-boarding process to help us deliver rapidly in areas we were lacking capacity and capability.

What are the desired outcomes from our partnership?

The Hitachi Solutions team have been professional from the point of contracting all the way through to deployment of our high profile 'Report it’ replacement. They were highly experienced and capable of delivering a high-quality solution within challenging timescales. Hitachi Solutions also helped upskill the council staff in areas where we lacked capabilities (DevOps and Azure AD B2C).

They have been a critical partner in the successful delivery of this high-profile project.

Find out more about our Local Government expertise here to discuss your authority in more detail.

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Tim Kidd

Tim Kidd joined Hitachi Solutions in 2018 with 23 years experience of working within Public Sector services.
With roles in Microsoft’s Public Sector Division, and Local Government as Head of service, he now supports organisations with programme delivery and strategic decision making.
In his role his mission is to enable transformational change, streamline operations, address budgetary pressures and improve the lives of citizens, businesses and employees.

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