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When selecting a Microsoft partner, organisations need a team that not only ensures operational continuity but also provides proactive insights to ensure they’re making the most of the technology they have invested in. Our Lifetime Services team (LTS) pride themselves on a client-centric approach that is focused on fostering successful partnerships. This approach has proven effective, as evidenced by another “Very Satisfied” overall rating in our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.  

Curious about how we do it? I’m happy to share some of our secrets into building a fulfilling partnership in this blog. 

1. A strong foundation with a tailored approach

One size fits all? Not here. By actively listening and understanding our clients’ business and requirements, we develop a service offering that addresses both immediate needs and future goals. Whether it’s providing ad-hoc incident management or establishing a framework for ongoing solution enhancements, we’re well equipped to make things happen effectively and quickly. Even for clients aspiring to self-sufficiency, we can offer the best tools to achieve those ambitions. Our dedication to meeting our customer requirements is everything that we’re about. 


Over the past 12 months we have developed an excellent working relationship with Hitachi Solutions, which has continued in our development and use of D365.

2. A familiar team that knows you, listens to you, and asks the right questions 

Our customers enjoy the benefits of working with a named Service Delivery Manager and Solution Lead. These approachable and personable contacts are committed to comprehensively understanding our clients’ business and the solutions they rely on day to day. This depth of knowledge allows us to respond swiftly and effectively to client challenges, and proactively offer advice to optimise operations and improve work processes.

The developers supporting us are a great asset to the team. Efficient, knowledgeable and supportive. I count myself lucky to have such a great team to work with.

3. We keep you up to date with the latest advancements in technology, and help you to apply it 

As Microsoft specialists, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft roadmap, ensuring that our customers are well-equipped to leverage even the most recent technological advancements. We have a passion for using AI responsibly, and we can help you with the deployment of innovative solutions. However, we also know that AI is not a universal solution for every business challenge. For example, we recently identified a new standard feature in Dynamics delivered by Microsoft, that we knew could enhance our customer’s user experience and efficiency. We couldn’t wait to share it with them. 

Emma (Service Delivery Manager) and the team are always friendly, helpful and responsive to our needs. They are always keen to help us find and deliver the right solutions.

4. Feedback, feedback and more feedback

We place immense value on feedback and continuously seek it to refine our services. Regular Service Reviews are scheduled with our customers to gather their candid insights. Each customer has a continual service improvement plan, which holds us accountable to improving the services we deliver. Our annual customer satisfaction survey also plays a crucial role here, and we actively encourage all customers to participate openly. The engagement level of our customers is high, as evidenced by last year’s impressive 72% response rate. Following deep analysis of the survey results, we engage in one-on-one discussions with customers to gain a deeper understanding of their feedback, allowing us to collaboratively enhance our partnership.   

Hitachi Solutions demonstrate a strong presence during our engagements that brings with it a confidence level that is needed when dealing with some of the complex challenges we encounter… We have a great Service Delivery Manager who continues to be an important advocate for the quality of service we deliver to our wider stakeholders.

Want to see for yourself? Get in touch with the Hitachi Solutions Lifetime Services team today! 


Tom Simms

Author Spotlight

Tom Simms

Tom helps guide customers to look into the extensive portfolio of services and expert consultants we have in Lifetime Services. He loves to delight clients with excellent customer service and provide solutions to their business challenges.