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Hitachi Solutions is proud to partner with Liverpool City Council in an innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project. This collaboration exemplifies the power of technology, data-driven decision-making, and strategic planning to enhance public services and drive positive change.

Liverpool City Council recognised the need to modernise its operations and streamline processes. Hitachi Solutions were delighted to engage with the authority to understand the requirements. Hitachi Solutions worked with key stakeholders, including council members, department heads, and end-users which ensured a comprehensive understanding of the council’s unique needs and challenges.

Defining “Good” with the latest technology was key for Liverpool City Council, Hitachi Solutions ran workshops to define what “good” would look like in the context of their ERP solution. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we envisioned streamlined processes, and improved data accessibility which will allow council employees to spend their time on meaningful work for the residents of the region.

Hitachi Solutions have helped shape our strategic thinking, their knowledge and insight have been invaluable in helping us to visualise what improvements we want to see.

Andrew Buck
Director of Business Finance at Liverpool City Council

The transition to a new ERP system also requires significant change management. Hitachi Solutions facilitated workshops to understand the change impact, not only from a technical perspective but from a business point of view whilst defining what communication strategies would look like to prepare staff for the shift.

The ERP implementation programme will provide immense value to Liverpool City Council, which will act as a central database for all financial interactions made within the authority, whilst improving productivity and providing real-time insights into numerous services. In summary, implementing an ERP system is a strategic move that not only streamlines operations but also positions Liverpool City Council for growth and success.

It’s been incredible working with Liverpool City Council to date. It’s amazing to see a local authority in the UK positively embrace the change coming their way. This city is going to lead the way when it comes to technology, and I cannot wait to see the fantastic changes soon.

Liam Murphy
Client Manager

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About Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council, the governing body for the vibrant city of Liverpool in Merseyside, England. Comprising 85 councillors representing 64 wards, the council is committed to enhancing the lives of its residents through
innovative policies, efficient services, and community engagement. At the heart of Liverpool’s administration, the council focuses on various aspects, including public health, education, housing, and environmental sustainability. Additionally, the council actively collaborates with local
businesses, promotes tourism, and maintains the city’s parks, libraries, and cultural attractions.