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We recommend that you use one of the following browsers to use this website:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0, or later
  • Latest version of Safari

Font Size

This website has been designed so that you can change the font size from your browser, however we recommend that you use the settings as shown below. This website may not appear properly if you use a setting other than described below.

  • Internet Explorer, we recommend using the Medium setting for text size.
  • In FireFox, we recommend using the Normal setting for text size.
  • In Safari, we recommend using the Standard setting for text size.


This website uses JavaScript. If you do not have JavaScript enabled in your browser, this website may not function or appear properly. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings when using this website.

Cascading Style Sheets

Portions of this website are constructed using cascading style sheets (CSS). Please enable CSS in your browser settings to ensure that the pages appear properly in your browser.

Pop-Up Windows

Portions of this website may use pop-up windows. If you have set your browser to block pop-up windows, some pages may not appear properly. Please enable pop-up windows in your browser settings to use this website.

You are free to create links to the website of Hitachi Solutions, except in the following cases:

  • Linking from a page with illegal content, or a page which contributes to illegal activities or could contribute to illegal activities.
  • Linking from a page that could inflict damage on Hitachi Solutions. (E.g., A website containing content that undermines the credibility of or defames Hitachi Solutions, its products or services.)
  • Linking from a page that uses frames
  • Linking from other websites that Hitachi Solutions deems to be inappropriate.

Please adhere to the following rules when displaying links to the website of Hitachi Solutions:

  • For banner links, use the Hitachi Solutions link banner shown below. Do not use other logos. For text links, you must display the link in one of the following manners:
    Hitachi Solutions
    Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
  • Links should start with the following URL:
  • If linking to a specific page, please be aware that the link may become invalid due to changes in the configuration of this website or reconstruction of pages.
  • If Hitachi Solutions determines that damages have been inflicted on Hitachi Solutions or a third party as a result of links to this website, we reserve the right to prohibit links from the user and prohibit use of the Hitachi Solutions link banner.
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