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If you intend to export technologies, programs or products that you purchased through this website (or provide them to a non-resident of Japan), you agree to comply with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and any other applicable legislation.

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Reporting our Gender Pay Gap

Reporting our Gender Pay Gap and the value of Diversity and Inclusion within Hitachi Solutions Europe.

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This website uses cookies to store information about how you use this website, so that we may provide you with and improve this service.

Anti-Modern Slavery

1. Introduction

This statement is made pursuant to Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020 and articulates the steps that Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited has taken to minimise the risk of slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or in any part of our business. 

2. Description of the Company

Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with subsidiaries in Europe, is a recognised leader in delivering proven business and IT strategies and solutions to companies across many industries within Europe. The company provides value-driven services throughout the IT life cycle from systems planning to systems integration, operation and maintenance. Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited delivers products and services of superior value to customers based around the Microsoft D365 offering. Additional services also including Transformation and Adoption as well as Business Analysis & Managed Services.

3. Information on the Supply Chain

Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited purchases principally services from dedicated labour agencies to support peak delivery demand in Europe. Product purchases are in comparison very low in volume from both a financial value & frequency basis. Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited has approximately 137 suppliers (as at Sept 2019) in Europe.

4. Company Policies

Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited adheres to Group policies and guidelines to show our approach and commitment to addressing modern slavery:

  • Hitachi Group Codes of Conduct
  • Hitachi Group Human Rights Policy
  • Guidelines for Procurement Activities
  • Hitachi Group CSR Procurement Guidelines (the 3rd edition)

Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited has instituted the Group whistleblowing system to prevent illegal and unethical behaviour, to promptly address infractions and to enhance our ability to self-regulate.  This includes issues relating to the life and health of citizens or social justice. 

Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited employees, former and temporary employees, and Hitachi Group company employees, temporary employees and officers, as well as employees and temporary employees of companies which conduct transactions with Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited can report via this system. All reports go directly to the compliance department of Hitachi, Ltd. or to an outside representative. Contact can be made via mail or e-mail. Hitachi Ltd is the ultimate parent company of Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited. It has its head office in Japan.

5. Action Taken During Prior Years

5.1. FY 2019 (2018-2019)

Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited took the following actions to respect human rights and address modern slavery under the aforementioned policies and guidelines:

  • Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited has a dedicated resource responsible for compliance.
  • Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited has actively participated in Group Compliance initiatives
  • Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited has approached our major Suppliers to complete a self-evaluation
  • Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited HR staff have been made aware of Modern Slavery & actively monitor new applicants & employees appropriately
  • Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited will continue to adhere to Group Compliance instructions and initiatives in this area.

6. Plan for Current Year

6.1. FY 2020 (2019-2020)

  • Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited continues to approach the largest suppliers for self-evaluation in relation to Modern Slavery.
  • Hitachi Solutions Europe Ltd will continue to raise the profile of modern slavery internally and increase awareness of this issue and further develop maturity in this area of corporate social responsibility.
  • Continue to demonstrate Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited's commitment by active engagement in Hitachi Group Compliance Programme initiatives as required.
  • Review the Anti-Modern slavery policy & review/amend if required.

Enquiries about the Terms of Use for This Website

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