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Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a native tool that enables your business to manage email marketing, campaign & event management, and customer journeys in one place and deeply connect with your customers. Underpinned by the power platform it brings together data in a 360o view from your lead, contact and account records and business intelligence, so you can build meaningful relationships, create intuitive customer journeys, stay connected when it really matters and predict customers next actions, with infused AI.

More power beyond siloed data

Many businesses have marketing departments or teams using different tools for each area of marketing. With little or no connection between data in each tool it is difficult to share and pool information, creating siloes of data which goes to waste. Hitachi Marketing’s capabilities bring together the power of all the individual tools and more importantly all the data, into one actionable 360o view of your customer.

Deploy real innovation, transform your organisation

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