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Essentials for Professional Services

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Manage your resources with Essentials for Professional Services

Essentials for Professional Services is an automated solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 that’s been preconfigured to suit the specific needs of companies that provide professional services. It’s designed to give you a single, 360 degree view of your information to help you effectively manage the delivery of client projects, the resources you need for those projects, as well as all billing and accounting — all for a per-user monthly subscription.

Specialist support to pull ahead from the competition

We understand that, to maximise your revenues, your company needs specific professional services functionality that a standard solution just can’t provide. Essentials for Professional Services features a wide range of specialist customisations designed to support your business. From more effective project planning and management, to better control of project billing and invoicing, it delivers actionable insights and process optimisation.

Professional services software built on understanding

Our experts have taken Hitachi Solutions’ experience as a professional services company to create professional services software that has a high degree of preconfiguration so you can get up and running quickly. We deliver a tailored solution with inbuilt best practice processes and configuration templates, freeing you up to focus on your unique strengths, not on technology.


Expertise based on experience

We’ve channelled several years of development into Essentials for Professional Services to create a solution we use ourselves. The result is rich functionality that’s of particular interest to companies providing professional services that operate globally. We’re our own reference site, meaning our understanding is second to none.



Professional Services

Unlock the benefits of a solution for professional services, rapidly and at low cost.

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