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Essentials for ERP

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Essentials for ERP is the key to accelerated implementation

Essentials delivers all the benefits of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, without the costs associated with large scale bespoke projects. As a cloud-based, preconfigured solution, Essentials combines fast implementation with the user friendly, intuitive capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365. What’s more, Essentials also assures and improves your solution throughout its lifecycle.


Implementing an ERP solution is essential to business success

We understand that, in order to thrive, your business needs to achieve a single 360 degree view of your information. Employees across all functions need to be able to rely on this and apply it to their specific responsibilities, eliminating manual processes and the hassle of paper records and spreadsheets. You want more accurate data, better visibility, and more integrated information — but implementing an ERP system to deliver this means significant and complex change to business processes.

Accelerated implementation focused on outcomes

Essentials is a tried and tested approach for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) accelerated implementation, designed for businesses that are looking to adopt a largely standard system. Its rapid iterations allow you to go live more quickly and cost-effectively. It’s an agile approach to ERP implementation that enables earlier testing in the project lifecycle, reducing risk by delivering early business validation within sprints, eradicating delays.

ERP accelerated implementation consultancy

Consultancy runs throughout your Essentials engagement, to make sure you get the most from our expertise and experience. We bring our pre-configured industry ERP solution to you, our experts confirm their complete understanding of your business and collaboratively review your processes, whilst ensuring that standard industry practice is used to avoid lengthy and costly customisations.



Essentials - The Future of ERP Success

Achieve all the benefits of a customised solution, only faster and without the costs of bespoke development.

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We liked Hitachi Solutions’ approach because they challenged our thinking, came up with new ideas and were incredibly knowledgeable about Microsoft Dynamics.

Chris Forster, IT and Corporate Services Manager

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