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Migrate data smoothly and efficiently

Data migration is an essential yet problematic process for businesses moving from legacy systems to new. Often, the expertise needed for data cleansing, extraction, and transformation isn’t available in house. Plus, migration is typically a highly manual process that’s prone to errors that take time and money to resolve. Essentials for Data Migration is an automated process built on Microsoft standard technology that translates data within the legacy system and transports it into the new system, rapidly and accurately.


Easy and automated data migration

Essentials for Data Migration automates much of the data extraction, transfer and load (ETL) process, increasing data accuracy and reducing the number of errors that hold up the migration process. By using an iterative process that migrates data on a daily basis, Essentials for Data Migration removes the headache of monthly large ETLs that throw up significant issues and halt the process while issues are resolved. An embedded Power BI dashboard provides visibility at every stage, bringing together interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities so you can connect, model and explore your data — and troubleshoot difficulties quickly. 



Essentials for Data Migration

Speed up data migration and lower costs with our automated tool.

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