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Point of Sale

This turns your point-of-sale into a customer experience

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Point-of-sale software for omnichannel commerce

Ever more complex requirements at the point of sale and omnichannel strategies in commerce demand new, efficient and flexible point-of-sale systems. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail solutions give you an overview of the current situation in your stores whenever you need it, and help you to more quickly identify developments in your customers’ purchasing behaviour so that you can respond to the digital transformation daily.


Create the ideal customer journey

We recognise the importance of a seamless point-of-sale (POS) experience when it comes to cementing customer loyalty. To ensure that your customers have the very best shopping experience, you need a powerful point-of-sale system. We help to integrate any point-of-sale system into your existing business processes. Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, it links your retail outlet to your goods management processes.

The right response to customer preferences

As digitisation experts, we know the importance of being able to respond to customer preferences with flexibility, both online and offline. Solutions from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail ensure that the information that you need, whether it be payment, customer or product information, is at your fingertips whenever you need it, across all of your channels, allowing you to tailor your POS offering according to what customers want.

Stationary or mobile connection

Every store is different. Our solutions include both retail solutions that fully integrate POS systems with our ERP solutions, and mobile cloud-based POS solutions, which allow you to access the POS and retrieve ERP data on the go. With the cloud, you can access both your ERP system with its data and your POS whenever you need to.


Deploy real innovation, transform your organisation

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