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Microsoft SharePoint

Smart tools for collaboration and project management

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Optimising the exchange of information, project coordination and approval processes is an indispensable component of business success. Our software solution, based on Microsoft SharePoint, allows employees to coordinate tasks in an easy, straightforward manner. This includes maintaining an overview of different versions of files and structuring joint processes, irrespective of whether these are being carried out at the same location or have the same working hours.


Getting the most out of internal expertise

We understand the value of corporate knowledge and how important it is for everyone to have access to it. Thanks to intelligent search functions, expertise and insights are just a click away. As Microsoft specialists, we support you in your use of SharePoint to collate content, contacts and discussions from Yammer, in turn helping you to accelerate the transfer of knowledge.

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Dynamic websites in SharePoint help to simplify team collaboration in project groups and departments. With our expert guidance and wealth of experience, we will show you how to construct your website to ensure that it meets the needs of your team, in turn ensuring quick and easy collaboration amongst its members

Own team and project spaces

As your partner, our goal is to support you in optimising your project management. With SharePoint, you can centrally collate the contact data for project members, deadlines, meeting minutes and other documents in a joint team or project space, which can be created with a single click. This will ensure that everyone involved has an overview of the current project status and individual steps at all times.


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