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Microsoft PowerApps

Put the power in the hands of your people with Microsoft PowerApps

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Easily create the business apps you need with Microsoft PowerApps

PowerApps provides developers and non-technical users with a rapid application development environment to build custom apps or to extend or customise already used apps. Users can draw on a suite of apps, services, connectors and a data platform to create apps from selectable templates or can start from a blank canvas.

Adopt and go with PowerApps

We understand that, as experts in your business, you frequently come across situations where it would be helpful to say “I’ll develop an app for that”, without the need for a large scale digital transformation project. PowerApps is easy to adopt and is designed to give you the ability to create your own apps to benefit your business, as and when they’re required. 

Universal PowerApps expertise

You can work with any member of the Hitachi Solutions team to get started with PowerApps because all our consultants, no matter what their speciality, have an in depth knowledge of Microsoft PowerApps. As your trusted advisor, we embrace every opportunity to use PowerApps to prove technology and its applications as a step to larger scale digital transformation projects.


Providing inspiration, building awareness

We design our PowerApps engagements to inspire your people to get the maximum out of the technology available to them. We build awareness of the capabilities open to your business, demonstrate the value of PowerApps and take your teams to the point where they are confident to build their own apps. Our regular hackathon events generate excitement about the possibilities of PowerApps and build knowledge around them.

Deploy real innovation, transform your organisation

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