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Tailored ERP solutions for the fashion industry

Frequently changing collections, varying sizes, differing colours and high return volumes — the fashion industry has a unique set of challenges. As Microsoft Dynamics specialists, we offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as a smart ERP tool to meet precisely these requirements.

A centralised omnichannel solution

We provide centralised support to assist you with the management of your inventories, prices and communication activities across all of your channels, and help you to keep track of your business data in real time with a range of functions for wholesale and retail businesses. Our omnichannel ERP solution for the fashion and textile industry breaks down the barriers between your sales channels.


Mapping all business processes

Our solutions conveniently map all steps within process management, from product development all the way to the sold item, and at the same time link workflows with your other business processes. Comprehensive product data management helps to ensure ongoing access to all production information, costs and margin optimisation. You can adjust the dashboard easily for a clearer overview.


Optimise returns at all sales levels

Whether advance sales, direct sales or mail order, our software supports you in all sales situations across various channels, ensuring that you are not only prepared for the needs of retail but the demands of wholesale. The solution incorporates restocking plans and a matrix covering order entry and processing transfer, plus recall and adjustment of inventories across individual stores.

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