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Managing Delegated Authority

Integrative Answers for the Insurance Sector

How do you manage Delegated Authority?

Your business is looking for ways to effectively manage Delegated Authority. There is no doubt that it is a complex relationship; one which requires robust and transparent processes throughout every stage.

Integrative answers

  • Real Relationships – we work with you across all your outsourced relationships.
  • Market Expectations – insurers outsourcing to third parties need operative and risk-based controls in place.
  • Compliance – Using Hitachi Solutions together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 means your business is no doubt about working toward conformity.

Making sure your business is compliant with the FCA1 required regulations is crucial. We know there are many aspects to the task. Working with Hitachi Solutions means working with professionals with years of experience in the insurance sector. We fully understand the importance of getting it right.

Why is it important?
Why is it important?

The FCA report highlighted concerns around the relationship between insurance firms and outsourced partners – particularly on the potential impact on customer outcomes and corresponding regulating bodies around the world took note.

Hitachi Solutions responded by creating an integrative system that provides the key to successful relationship management.

What makes us different?

We employ proven methods to ensure your due diligence methods are healthy, transparent and accessible, resulting in improved relationships and customer outcomes. Our solutions enable you to demonstrate clear arrangements for assessing risk and proof of due diligence at every stage.

By harnessing the power of our Microsoft partnership, we provide the ultimate Delegated Authority solution to the insurance industry.

What makes us different?

Want to know more?

We would love to hear from you or read our ‘How to overcome the complex challenges of Delegated Authority’ blog post by our industry expert Ruwan Perera.

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Integrative Answers for the Insurance Sector for Every Stage of Delegated Authority.

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