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GDPR Opportunity

With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force on 25th May 2018, the countdown has begun. The new legislation brings with it a unique opportunity to transform your customer relations and place your business at the forefront of new data management technology with our GDPR compliance services.

Find out how Hitachi Solutions will help you turn GDPR into a great opportunity for your business by watching this short video.


We can help you

  • Find value in the data you already hold
  • Further the trust and loyalty of your customers
  • Implement robust classification software

Let Hitachi Solutions help you unlock the full value of your data by implementing GDPR compliance services. Working toward GDPR compliance is a great place to begin to embed a new culture into your organisation – a culture of trust, transparency and confidence.

What does it mean for your business?
What does it mean for your business?

Hitachi Solutions believe this is a great opportunity for growth. With the right support and technology in place, GDPR compliance services implementation can save time and money, while also giving you an excellent occasion to reconnect with your customers.

GDPR means complete transparency in data handling. Your business is poised to further the trust and loyalty of your customers by demonstrating your ability to target the right people while remaining fully compliant.

Taking the headache out of GDPR

We know meeting regulatory requirements within a tight deadline can seem daunting. Hitachi Solutions is already successfully supporting businesses in successfully working towards compliance. We have tested GDPR compliance services and accelerators in place, which we can tailor to your needs.

We start with a complete inventory of the data you already hold, software is put in place to protect it from loss, theft or disclosure and the reporting element is achieved by using robust auditing tools for rigorous data tracking.

Working with Hitachi Solutions you can be assured of your total accountability.

Taking the headache out of GDPR

What next?

Contact us to discuss your requirements. Or read the latest blog from our expert Ruwan Perera.

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With GDPR coming into force on 25th May 2018, the countdown has begun.

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