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What's in it for you?

Exceptional customer care starts with exceptional field service management. At Hitachi Solutions, we offer an all in one, Cloud based, Field Service Management (FSM) solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Field Services product.

Discover how Hitachi Solutions can help you to implement smarter, cloud-based systems and processes to maximise field service efficiency.


What can Hitachi Solutions FSM do for you?

  • Improve Productivity
  • Lower Delivery Costs
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Our partnership with Microsoft means our solution uses familiar formats, which are tested and proven. We are experts at harnessing the power and possibilities of emerging applications (e.g. IoT predictive maintenance) and aligning them with your desired business outcomes.

How will this enhance your business?
How will this enhance your business?

Effective field service management has historically been an operationally intensive task.

We have revolutionised the job. Permanently connected, bi-directional devices with built in automatic predictive functions, means right-first-time allocation of people and services to improve your business efficiency.

At Hitachi Solutions, we combine industry expertise with technological knowledge. We don’t just provide new technology. We provide partners to support you in getting the very best from your FSM solution.

Customer Satisfaction

As customer expectations increase, our FSM technology allows companies to respond.

Automated updates keep customers informed at every stage and allows unforeseen variables (traffic delays, for example) to be communicated in real time.

Our FSM solution means your Field Service Operators are able to deliver exceptional customer service. Their mobile devices hold all the information they need to answer customer queries and offer them add on services, such as warranties.

Customer Satisfaction

Sounds good?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits of exceptional Field Service Management – contact us.  Or read our blog How IoT predictive maintenance can save you money

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Exceptional customer care starts with exceptional field service management.

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