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We can make your data work for you

What's in it for you?

The opportunity to harness the power of the data your business already generates. To make the move from utilising simple reporting to really benefiting from advanced analytics.

Powerful, predictive analytics to boost operations, customer service & sales.


Why it’s important to us

  • It’s a great opportunity to inform decisions, drive sales and improve customer relations
  • Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics are exciting areas for our clients to utilise
  • Data Analytics sits perfectly with the Cloud based direction Microsoft have embraced

The key to getting the most out of Data Analytics is to focus on the outcomes, not the technology. We approach Data Analytics from a business perspective and find ways to extract, interpret and visualise data that will help you to deliver value to your business by predicting outcomes and helping to automate decisions.

What we think you should know…
What we think you should know…

Data Analytics is more than simply a trend in technology. These systems have been developed to provide answers and to join the dots that previously industries have been unable to connect.

Designed to give business an edge in increasingly competitive markets, our Data Analytics services offer exciting possibilities. Never before has so much data been generated at such speed and in such volumes. Our Intelligent analytic solutions allow for the real-time processing of all types of data, which can then be turned to commercial advantage.

Real-time stream processing tools like Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics and big data stores like Microsoft Azure Data Lake are making data readily available whilst Microsoft Azure Machine learning and Data Science languages such as R & Python are defining the future of predictive analytics. We can show you how to get the most out of these mainstream opportunities and derive real benefit from Cloud-based analytics.

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