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What are you interested in?

  • Achieving customer centricity?
  • An integrated omni-channel perspective?
  • Increased revenue and sales ratios?

Let us show you how with our banking CRM software.

What impact would readily available, real-time information have on decision making? Would an instant and comprehensive view by branch, region and advisor increase efficiency and sales? How does making life easier for your customers and your advisors sound?

With Hitachi Solutions you are working with a trusted global brand

We are capable of handling projects of any size.

Specialists in collating data across multiple information streams, by leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can provide real-time data to inform and accelerate decisions. More than that, we take the time to fully integrate ourselves within your business culture, working closely with individual departments, to enable smooth implementation and lasting change.

Let us show you a better way of working

We are experienced working within the banking industry.

We have taken the standard Microsoft product range and adapted it to create bespoke applications for our banking clients. The integrated omni-channel opportunities we create means that whether your customer walks into a branch or calls a customer care centre, your advisors will be able to pick up seamlessly from previous discussions. Accurate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can also be used to guide advisors through customer conversations, actively directing the flow of customer meetings and positively impacting on sales ratios.

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Our purpose is to help you achieve the outcomes you are looking for

Aligned to your industry

We want you to know that we are industry specialists. We very carefully appoint our team based on the breadth of their experience and in-depth understanding of the industries they specialise in. This is very important. Both the development of our customised applications and the successful implementation of these systems cannot happen without a thorough knowledge of how an industry operates and the challenges you face.

Working with Hitachi Solutions means that you are connected with a dedicated pool of industry, business and Microsoft technology experts who are not only familiar with the demands of your industry, but who can see the bigger picture. We respect the demands and constraints put upon you and work within these remits to implement real and sustainable improvements to the way you operate.

Aligned to your industry

Predictable Costs

We aim to make sure our pricing is clear-cut and adaptable to your requirements. We can wrap subscription pricing around any of our services and include it in a subscription plan, or you can subscribe and pay for services separately. Examples of these services might include: integration, data migration, custom development, or complete ERP, CRM or BI implementation from top to bottom.

As well as our all-in subscription and hybrid services, we also provide comprehensive support to both troubleshoot and manage the life cycle of your application. This ensures you stay connected with our dedicated pool of Microsoft and industry experts on a predictable, monthly service plan. There are three tiers: Gold, Silver and Bronze each with an allocation of hours which can be used however you need.

Predictable Costs

Life Cycle Management

We care about the life-cycle of our applications because our priority is to ensure you keep moving, keep pace and keep improving in your industry. Times have changed and with the introduction of Cloud based systems, the world has moved on. The Cloud has opened up a wide range of possibilities and more importantly has introduced flexibility and choice, at a speed never experienced before.

Agile new Cloud based systems enable quick and seamless updates. These are there to be taken advantage of and they create a continually evolving system. A world away from the static systems of old, today’s applications are constantly refining and keeping up with the curve. We are here for you as and when you need us; providing ongoing professional and technical support and ensuring that your systems are constantly performing at their optimum.

Life Cycle Management